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Demo: TransMedia’s Glide


TransMedia’s Glide OS and Glide Business online operating environment are platform-agnostic mobile-operating systems that support devices running Windows Mobile, Mac OS X, BlackBerry and Palm OS, as well as the Google-backed Android platform.

  • Walt and Kara welcome Donald Leka, TransMedia’s Chairman and CEO to the stage.
  • Leka offers a bit of background about Glide, which cuts across all operating systems.
  • Looks like demo will include Mac, Windows and iPhone. Starting with the Mac. Deka notes that Glide is a mobile-operating system that runs on top of the local operating system. He pulls up the Deka desktop. Moves a few icons around … moves on to the music application, launches it not from the Mac dock, but from Glide’s own dock. Leka explains that in addition to real-time navigation, Glide offers object-oriented navigation, he says.
  • Glide includes device recognition as well as file transcoding. Moving on to the word-processing app. Pretty typical.
  • OS supports a rights system that allows five different levels of access. Also offers real-time collaboration, video conferencing. Walt asks about browser support. Leka says Firefox is best, but company is working on compatibility with other browsers as well.
  • Walt notes that entire OS is written as a local application.
  • Glide is advertising free. How do you make money? asks Kara. Glide offers five gigabytes of storage for free, Leka says; after that, there’s a monthly subscription fee.
  • Demonstrating file rights. Very granular. You can set rights to permit as little as a one-time view of a document.
  • Moving over to Windows machine. Demoing “Kids Glide.” Same sort of UI, just a bit more kid friendly.
  • Demoing iPhone version now. Loads very quickly. Noting that Glide requires a browser, Walt wonders how it will run on phones that don’t offer good browsing experiences. Moving on to a photo editing app. Leka notes that Glide plays Windows Media files on the iPhone and Quicktime movies on Windows Mobile phones.
  • Jumping to Glide’s word-processing app on iPhone. Can export to a variety of formats, including PDF.
  • And that’s it ……

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