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Search Less, Understand More: evri Demo

The Paul Allen-backed start-up evri began as Hypertext Solutions. Led by Neil Roseman, the former vice president of technology at Amazon, evri’s business is semantic search, its MO “search less, and understand more.”

  • Founder Roseman takes the stage. Compares evri to an army of grammar students graphing the Web. Is it search? asks Walt. Roseman says no. We’re about organizing content.


  • The application graphs the Web via grammatical information. Searching on Obama. Page looks a bit like your typical social-network page. “What’s Obama doing?” (Celebrating his recent endorsement by Rupert Murdoch, perhaps?) Swapping in Sarah Jessica Parker for Obama to demonstrate the site’s video-categorization feature.
  • Jumping from “Sex and the City” to new “Indiana Jones” movie via the application’s “most popular” tag.
  • Pulling up Walt’s “canonical” page, Roseman points out that Walt’s graph is already linked up with Ballmer and Murdoch, presumably because of the events of the past few days.
  • Roseman says evri is about “connecting people with the content they care about.”
  • Kara asks how this is different from Mahalo. Roseman says Mahalo is driven by editors, evri is driven by an algorithm.
  • Roseman says search needs a better user experience. The goal: to connect content to content the way social networks connect people.

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