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Demo: Web Operating System

  • Walt and Kara return to the stage to introduce’s CEO Zvi Schreiber, who will demo the company’s Web-based OS.
  • What is Two things: It’s a Global Hosted Operating System, one that aims to give users a free, Web-based virtual computer that lets them access their desktop and files from any computer with an Internet connection. It’s also the name of a one-of-a-kind joint technology venture between Israelis and Palestinians. is taking disparate Web-based applications and unifying them into a single environment. The platform is hosted by Amazon.
  • The demo begins with a view of the desktop. Looks very much like the typical Windows desktop, although one with a very unique desktop background.
  • Visible on the desktop an RSS viewer and an MP3 player.
  • Navigating over to the system’s file viewer now. Demonstrator pens a document in the browser sandbox. Walt asks if it’s possible to open docs in other applications like Microsoft Word. Schreiber says to do that you’d need to download the document to the desktop.
  • is free and comes with free storage. How does the company plan to make money? plans to charge the service providers whose services it aggregates. is like a mall, says Schreiber. We don’t know how to make money, but the service providers do. And we take a percentage of the revenues they collect through the OS.
  • Who are’s competitors? Answer: Microsoft. (Somehow I doubt Microsoft feels the same about
  • Lots of interest and support for the Israeli-Palestinian collaboration that’s driving the company. Demo Photos

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